Long & Short Tail – Visitation Awards

District 4-A1 Chairperson: Susan Newman
Email: SUSAN_NEWMAN1@msn.com


Objective: To visit all clubs in a given Region (Short Tail) or throughout the District (Long Tail).

a) Club Award to each club completing official visitations to any given Region (Short Tail) or throughout the district (Long Tail).

b) Each Lion attending a regular meeting of all clubs in any given Region (Short Tail) or throughout the District (Long Tail).

c) Visitations by the same club or individual the same day to two clubs with overlapping meeting times shall not count.

d) Visitations for Short Tail Award begin April 1 and end March 31 (12 consecutive months). There is no time limit for obtaining a Long Tail Award.

e) Completed Visitation books may be turned in at any time, but no later than April 7th to assure an award at the annual Convention. Lions submitting visitation books after April 5th will receive awards at the August District Meeting.

Obtain visitation booklets from Club Secretary, Zone Chair, Region Chair, or DG Team (or download HERE.)


The practice of “Borrowing” another Lions Club’s gavel or bell shall be conducted under the following Rules:

RULE 1. Only the gavel and/or bell are to be “borrowed.”

RULE 2. Once the item is in the hands of a “borrower” it shall be considered in his club’s possession, without contest, until retrieved in accordance with Rule 7.

RULE 3. No other items shall be “borrowed.”

RULE 4. No “borrowing” will happen at any time other than a regular meeting of the home club. A regular meeting does not include occasional functions such as Spouse Nights, Charter Nights, Zone, Region or District meetings or District Governor Visitations.

RULE 5. Any Lions Club “borrowing” gavel and/or bell shall notify the losing Lions Club of the item’s whereabouts within 10 days of the “borrowing.”

RULE 6. No cash value shall be placed on the redemption or “borrowed” paraphernalia other than the regular fines.

RULE 7. If the losing club visits the “borrowing” club, the gavel and/or bell shall be returned at that time. Should a visitation not be made within 60 days, the Lions Club in possession of the gavel and/or bell shall return it to the rightful owner.