Lions Sight Conservation – Vision Screening

District 4-A1 Chairperson: PDG Kent Christensen

In 2015 the clubs of District 4-A1 raised over $24,000 to put with a $16,000 grant from LCIF to purchase five Allyn Welch Vision Screening Cameras. This was done for two reasons. The Eye Mobile was being phased out due to the fact it had a diesel engine making it no longer usable in California due to smog laws regarding diesel engines. The other was that clubs were having a difficult time attracting eye doctors to work in the Eye Mobile. In the spring of 2017, PDG Dennis Noble began to change the focus of the Lions Sight Conservation Association Foundation from the Eye Mobile to “vision screening” and was successful just prior to his passing. The focus has now become “vision screening of children.”

Since July 2015, over 48,000 screening have been done. There were 14 clubs who utilized the camera for the 2019-2020 year. This past year all the clubs who have used the cameras over the past four years were recognized with a patch for their banner.

If your club is interested in learning more about the vision screening process, please contact either PDG Kent Christensen at 209-723-5846 or or PDG Don Allen at 209-988-3098 or

LSCA is a 501(c)(3) foundation and is tax deductible. Your donations are greatly appreciated as the printers and cameras need to be replaced as they age.