Parker’s Prom

District 4-A1 Chairperson: Liz Bockhop

Most children, who have been diagnosed with cancer, are unable to go to their prom since their immune systems are compromised. They cannot be around other children and take a chance of getting sicker. Some are unable to go to their prom because they are hospitalized, and others are just embarrassed to go to the prom bald. The other sad fact is that some cancer-stricken children just do not live long enough to make it to their prom.

Parker Bockhop’s dream came true on June 26, 2007, when about 50 young people and family members showed up for the first-ever dance of its kind at the Valley Children’s Hospital. Parker was thrilled. He danced, ran around to all the activities, and gave his tattoos to everybody who wanted one. It was a wonderful night, and one that will always be remembered. Later that year, however, Parker would pass away. He was only 6 years old.

Parker’s Prom provides a special time for the children and families facing difficult medical, spiritual, and financial challenges.

It costs about $10,000 to put on the dance, and activities include pre-prom makeup and hair services, entertainment, photographers, decorations, and much more. All kids in the Central Valley who are battling cancer are invited to attend.

Annual Parker’s Oncology Prom
Children (ages of 2 through 19 years)
(Food catered for special diets & food restrictions)

Your help and volunteering make a difference for these children. Your club could receive a banner recognition badge. For further information or to schedule a presentation for your club, please contact Liz Bockhop, Chairperson. Arts and craft supplies and carnival prizes are greatly appreciated.

Please make donations to “Candle Lighters”with “Parker’s Prom” noted in the memo section. Send to:

Candle Lighters
ATTN: Elisabete Bockhop
616 Kings Avenue
Chowchilla, CA 93610-2813