Ear of the Lion

Website: https://earofthelion.org
Treasurer: Terry Brooks
Email: hearfoundation@aol.com
Toll Free: 800-327-8077

“The Ear of the Lion Foundation of California and Nevada”

The Hearing Foundation legally registered as Ear of the Lion Foundation and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation was formed by Lions Clubs of California/Nevada in 1982. The Foundation is dedicated to assist qualified, low- income, hearing-impaired people unable to afford the care they need to hear better, and issues hearing aids from its hearing aid bank at a nominal fee.

Member Lions Clubs are encouraged to seek out patients in their community who might benefit from our services. Lions are encouraged to collect and send hearing aids no longer being used to our office.

The Foundation is funded by two primary sources:

  • Lions Clubs can become a member club by pledging to make an initial donation of $100 and a semi-annual donation of $7.50 per active member.
  • Individual Lions and other friends of the Foundation may become Tosch Fellowships, Life Members or Alexander Graham Bell Fellows by donating $250, $500 or $ 1,000 respectively, to the Foundation.

The principal received from these donations is permanently invested and not spent. Investment income may be used only for patient care expenses. Officers and Directors of the Foundation are available and anxious to make presentations of club and cabinet meetings.

If you would like to arrange a presentation, please call or write their office at:
Ear of the Lion Foundation, 850 San Jose Ave Ste 115, Clovis CA 93612-2822