Membership Growth Award & 100% Secretary’s Award


Membership Growth Awards will be given to the top club in each Region and a District Award for the overall highest growth.

The Club with the highest PERCENTAGE net membership growth in each Region will receive an award. The Lions Club with the overall highest percentage new membership will receive the District award.

All membership numbers will be taken from the International Monthly Membership reports. Beginning member membership numbers will be the April 1 MyLCI membership status. Ending membership numbers will be the March 1 MyLCI membership status.

Monthly Membership Reports must be submitted to qualify.


Annually, a Club may nominate their Club Secretary for this award. The nomination is submitted to the Immediate Past District Governor no later than July 31.

To qualify for 100% Secretary Award the following must be accomplished:

  • All Monthly Membership Reports are submitted no later than the last day of the month on MyLCI
  • Service Activity reports are submitted no later than the last day of the month on MyLCI
  • The club secretary has attended at least two Zone Meetings and signed in
  • The club dues are paid. (Unpaid balances of $49 or less, owed the International Office or to MD-4 as of March 31st of the fiscal year are allowable)
  • The clubs’ officers for the coming year (PU-101) is submitted on MyLCI by May 15th. (Hint: Single slates of officers may be entered prior to official election.)