Dr. Howard Abrams’ Humanitarian Service Award


To recognize and acknowledge an individual Lion for participation and assistance in humanitarian efforts for the handicapped and disadvantaged on a personal, local, or global level.

Involvement Criteria:

  1. Schools or health centers, self-help centers (i.e. Eye Foundation, Blind Centers, Community Centers, City of Hope, et al).
  2. Decoders for the deal.
  3. Hearing aids, prosthesis, eyes.
  4. Financial aid to the destitute.
  5. Educational funding.
  6. Involvement and/or coordination with other organizations or Clubs in projects, (i.e. “AIDS”, water, sight, climate, et al).
  7. Aid to disasters, domestic and foreign, children’s clinics, orphanages, water / sanitation projects, et al.
  8. High membership numbers and hours associated with project participation.
  9. Eyeglass collection.
  10. Member outreach to solicit and/or identify people and community in need of services.

Nomination Process:

The Lions Club must submit a detailed nomination letter describing the reasons the candidate is being nominated. The Nomination Letter should be submitted to the District Governor by February 5th.

The District Governor will review all nominations submitted and select the Lion to receive the award. The award will be presented at the annual District Convention. The Lions Club nominating the individual will be contacted and asked to arrange for the winner to be at the Convention, if possible.